New Research: KU Lands $8 Million Grant
When students have more time to focus on class material and are not interrupted by inappropriate behavior, it stands to reason teachers will have more time to engage them and boost achievement. Researchers at the University of Kansas have secured an $8 million grant to expand a program that has been proven effective at boosting engagement and reducing disruptive behaviors to schools across the nation. The project, known as Class-Wide Function-related Intervention Teams, or CW-FIT, will be led by by Howard Wills, Ph.D., at the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, part of the Life Span Institute. KU Researchers and partners will work with nearly 10,000 students in grades three through five in Kansas, Missouri and California schools.

Child and Researcher on floor playing with model barn

In the News: Web Application Developed at KU Shows Promise in Helping Improve the Communication Skills of Infants, Young Children
Using data to inform decisions or next steps isn’t just the bedrock of boardrooms and business. A team of University of Kansas researchers has shown that it’s also the foundation for improving the language development and communication skills of infants and toddlers. Researchers from the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, a part of the KU Life Span Institute, recently concluded a study of 214 families in Kansas and three other states receiving home visits from social workers, therapists and other professionals. The study determined how the use of a web application developed at Juniper could affect children’s communication and outcomes.