Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral Training

JGCP also has a long history of providing research training to postdoctoral fellows that has helped individuals become research leaders in early intervention. Since 1983, funding from the US Department of Education (Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) and Office of Special Education Programs) has allowed us to provide support and mentorship to 71 post-doctoral scholars. Many of these past scholars are currently senior special education and early childhood special education researchers at major universities and have directed IES, NIH, and OSEP research centers, institutes, and projects.

Open Post Doctoral Positions

This Postdoctoral Research Program at the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project (JGCP) is recruiting one postdoctoral researcher interested in developing expertise in carrying out community-engaged research to develop and implement evidence-based practices focused on early intervention, early care, and early education settings. The postdoctoral position is a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, research-dedicated fellowship.  For more information and to apply, go here:

Post Doctoral Research Training Program in Special Education: Evidence Based Practice in Early Intervention and Early Learning

PI:  Judith Carta, Ph.D.
Co-PI:  Charles Greenwood, Ph.D.

The current post-doctoral program funded by IES allows us to provide mentorship to 4 scholars for two years each and focuses on training on research focused on evidence-based practice in Early Intervention and Early Learning. The post-doctoral training program is organized into a set of core competencies in content knowledge, methodological knowledge and skill, and professional skills. Post-doctoral fellows engage in an individualized program of study and situated learning that allows them to acquire knowledge and skills in each of these areas and learn to apply them in ways that will be useful to other researchers, practitioners and policymakers that ultimately result in improving students’ educational outcomes.

Postdoctoral Research Training in Special Education: A Research to Practice Model

PI:  Howard Wills, Ph.D.
Co-PI:  Brian Boyd, Ph.D. 

This post-doctoral program funded by IES allows us to provide mentorship to 4 scholars for two years each and focuses on leadership training in two NCSER, IES Topic Areas: (1) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and (2) Social and Behavioral Outcomes to Support Learning. We aim to provide a foundation in rigorous scientific methodology to support researchers to contribute to the field of special education in a way that is meaningful to practitioners. We will provide training and research opportunities to postdoctoral fellows by primarily focusing on two Project Types: Development and Innovation and Initial Efficacy and Follow-up. There is a continued need in the field of special education to develop and establish the efficacy of interventions to support students with ASD as well as those who demonstrate social and behavioral challenges in the context of school settings. There remain intervention “gaps” in the field, which speaks to a critical need to train the next generation of scholars and researchers to close those identified gaps. 
GRANT #: R324B200021 

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