Bridging the Word Gap Research Network

Bridging the Word Gap-Intervention Research Network

The goal of this project is to extend the current work of the Bridging the Word Gap (BWG) Research Network in reducing the vocabulary gap by enriching early language experiences of young children in poverty.

The BWG Research Network, a collaboration of 140 nationally recognized researchers and practitioners, will achieve 4 objectives to intensify efforts to close this gap, including:

1) Developing and maintaining the infrastructure for an interdisciplinary research network promoting scientific collaboration to reduce the Word Gap;

2) Designing (and with additional funds) and implementing intervention research designed to increase language exposure and reduce the Word Gap;

3) Disseminating critical information and fostering education activities regarding language-promoting interventions; and

4) Advancing the nation’s capacity to conduct this research.

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Judith Carta
913-321-3143, ext. 2600
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Juniper Gardens Children's Project
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