Juniper Gardens Children's Project celebrates 40 years

Juniper Gardens Children's Project celebrates 40 years

The Juniper Gardens Children’s Project (JGCP), founded in an urban Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood 40 years ago by visionaries from that community and the University of Kansas, celebrated its impact on thousands of children, teachers, researchers, and on the fields of special education and child development on October 23.

The daylong event brought together the legendary founders, alumni who propagated what they learned at JGCP as leaders in their fields, admiring national special education experts, as well as the vibrant current faculty, staff, and students.

During the conference their individual perspectives took shape as one moving testament to, as renowned alumni Todd Risely, put it, “doing good and doing science.”

The event culminated with a gala dinner and awards ceremony featuring addresses from JGCP Director Charles Greenwood; former community board member Judge Cordell D. Meeks, Jr., District Court Judge for the 29th Judicial District of Kansas; LSI Director Steven Warren, and former LSI Director Stephen Schroeder. 

Today, in programs of intervention research and training, JGCP is working toward solutions to a range of challenging problems and issue areas including child neglect, teen parenting, children learning to talk, measurement of early intervention results, accelerating literacy and achievement, effective school-wide discipline, and improving the home and schooling experiences of children.

JGCP continues to develop researchers at the pre- and post-doctoral levels and increasingly plays a role in national research efforts and policy.