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Trina Spencer named director of Juniper Gardens

Trina Spencer, who researches the promotion of academic language of young children with and without disabilities, has been named director of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project at the University of Kansas, one of 12 research subcenters at the KU Life Span Institute.

International Report on Autism Offers Comprehensive Model of Autism Care

A new, comprehensive model of autism care and treatment that prioritizes personalized, stepped care approaches is urgently needed, according to a new international report published in The Lancet. 

Autism Research That Relies On Preschool Peers Receives Grant To Study Predictive Factors For Communication Development

If you’ve ever witnessed the blur of activity that is a typical preschool-age child, it can be difficult to imagine them as disciplined research partners.

Juniper Gardens Children's Project Enrolling Preschoolers with Autism for a Research Study

Stay-Play-Talk with iPad: A Communication Intervention for Children with Autism and Peer Buddies This study is a good match if:

Web Application Developed at KU Shows Promise in Helping Improve the Communication Skills of Infants and Young Children

Using data to inform decisions or next steps isn’t just the bedrock of boardrooms and business. A team of University of Kansas researchers has shown that it’s also the foundation for improving the language development and communication skills of infants and toddlers.

KU researchers receive $2.4 million grant to increase access to and evaluate online interventions for autism spectrum disorder

As the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered schools and forced many children with autism spectrum disorder to be schooled at home, professionals and families became concerned that children with disabilities might not be receiving adequate and specialized instruction because teachers had limited time or re

University of Kansas Autism Researcher Invited to Advise Sesame Workshop

Brian Boyd, director of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project at the KU Life Span Institute, was invited by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, to join an advisory meeting on May 18th to discuss recommendations for new resources for Sesame Street and Autism: See Ama

Interventions for Families, Adolescents and Young Children Are Focus of Autism Research Programs Awarded $13 Million

The University of Kansas, through the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, is a partner in two autism spectrum disorder research projects that have recently been awarded $13 million in federal grants.

Bridging the Gap: Grant to Expand Coaching Availability to Serve Children with Autism

Two-year-old Baylee Shriner plays with toys like other children her age now, but that wasn’t the case several months ago. Baylee, who has autism spectrum disorder, had trouble interacting with the world around her and could not communicate with her mother, Linzi Shriner, of Tonganoxie, Kan.

Study Shows LGBTQ+ Individuals with Autism Have Greater Health Disparities Than Peers

Individuals with disabilities or who identify as LGBTQ+ often encounter difficulties in navigating the American health care system.

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