Participate in our Research

A preschool instructor is holding a book open for a young child, who is looking at the book and wearing a Boss Lady shirt

Every day, our investigators conduct research that has the potential to change people’s lives. Often we seek volunteers for those research programs. Some children and adults who volunteer may have specific conditions, while others volunteer to serve as controls or people who don’t have those conditions. We seek a variety of participants across age, gender, disability, race, and other criteria. 

We are so grateful to have families share their experiences, time, and knowledge with us. Explore studies that are recruiting volunteers below.

Enrolling Preschoolers with Autism

The goal of this study is the goal is to help minimally verbal children learn to communicate with an iPad, use more gestures and in some cases start talking more to their peers.

two children focused together on an iPad are being guided by a teacher holding one child's hand