Development and Initial Validation of the Family Need Assessment Survey

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The objective of the FNAS project is to develop a family need-assessment survey based on the theoretical domains framework and contextual, parent, and child-related factors. Children tend to show better learning outcomes when schools, SLPs, researchers, and early interventionists work with families. However, partnering with families has been challenging for researchers, SLPs, and other practitioners. Hence, the project aims that the FNAS will provide professionals with critical information about family needs and preferences for decreasing attrition rates of early intervention programs. Further, the results of the FNAS would subsequently be used to adapt intervention programs to increase family involvement and decrease program attrition rates.

Project Details

  • Primary Investigator: Yagmur Seven

  • Project Start Date: 01/01/2022

  • Project Finish Date: 01/31/2022



  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

  • Award Number : New Century Scholars Research Grant

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